How to become a member

Membership in the Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog Club is open to persons in good standing with the American Kennel Club who subscribe to the purposes of and agree to abide by the Constitution of the CSSC and the Rules of the AKC.

Each applicant for membership (with the exception of Associate Members) must have the written endorsements of two members in good standing, not of the same family or kennel. The endorsing sponsors must affirm their personal knowledge of the applicant’s record of ethical conduct and sincerity of interest in the welfare of both the breed and the dogs he/she keeps, breeds, exhibits or sells.

Each applicant (with the exception of Associate Members) must have attended two or more meetings/functions of the Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog Club.

After applications have been reviewed by the Board, the name of each applicant will be published in the Spotlight (club newsletter) for the information of all members. At this time, members will be given the opportunity to challenge the applicant’s suitability for membership. If there are no challenges, the application will be voted upon at the next general meeting after publication. If there are challenges, the Board will intervene. Applicants should understand that processing may require several months.

THERE ARE FOUR TYPES OF MEMBERSHIP in the Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog Club:

    1. Full Membership, open to all persons eighteen (18) years of age and older, who are in good standing with the AKC and who subscribe to the purposes of this club.
    2. Full/Family Membership (two persons/same household).
    3. Associate Membership, open to persons who wish to participate in club events but are not able to attend meetings regularly. The dues is a reduced rate; there will be no voting privileges.
    4. Junior Membership, open to persons under eighteen years of age, who subscribe to the purposes of the club and have sponsors/mentors who are active members in good standing. Can not vote.

Membership Application

Upon completion of this application, with endorsements, please send your check for annual dues to the Secretary. Constitution and By-laws will be forwarded to you after your application has been processed.

Applications may be sent to:

Sue Moreland
8388 Seville Road
Lodi, OH 44254